De-risk your digital projects

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Customer experience is everything

Through an ever-changing IT landscape, KJR has set the standard for independent software quality assurance. Our mission is always to minimise your software deployment and digital experience risks. Our methods draw on best practice from industry over many years and the leading edge innovations that are required to tackle the ever-increasing array of digital transformation challenges.

Our software quality specialists are world class – regularly contributing to local industry events, helping set global standards and leading the way in the practical adoption of new software quality practices. We are uncompromising when it comes to the quality assurance of critical software applications while working with our clients to devise the most pragmatic, achievable execution plans for their particular scenario.

KJR’s services are used by many ASX-listed & Fortune 500 companies as well as Australian federal & state government departments to drive their software quality and give their customers, citizens and stakeholders the quality customer experience they all now expect.


Where did your IT journey begin?

We've seen technology evolve at a rapid rate in the last 20 years, you've probably experienced first hand the disruptive nature of some featured below.

For us to help you achieve seamless transformation across your digital project, we'd love to know where you started and where your pain-points are.